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The Waiting by Fighter
The Waiting (1991)
Label: Wonderland

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Look Me In The Eye by Fighter

This thing seems so big today
I've run out of prayers to pray
Please go away...Please don't say
I keep thinkin' things will change
Tomorrow it will rearrange
And soon be gone, it will all be gone
Won't someone...

Look me in the eye and tell me
I'm gonna make it
Look me in the eye and promise
An end to the storm
Tell me that my heart is tough
Tell me that I've faith enough
Look me in the eye

Trying to hear God's voice
I slowly start to doubt my choice
Talk to me...please talk to me
Day to day no change in sight
Evening fades into the night
Take my hand...please hold my hand


When you go through the valley of questions
Know that time holds the answers, if you trust in God




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