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Beautiful World by GS Megaphone
Beautiful World (2003)
Label: Spindust

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Light Child by GS Megaphone

Hello. I'm hanging on your every word, you know.
And I can see I've got so very far to go
till I can be the man that you've created me to be.
And overcome my insecurities.

So overcome my weakness and radiate my soul

I want to shine like the sun for all the world to see.
I want to be a light child.
I wanna shine. Illuminate this world around me as you overflow.
I want to be a light child.

Help me show the burning that consumes my very soul.
And the world will see that I'm not me alone.
Make me glow. Like Heaven shining on the winter snow.
And when you tell me where to go, I'll go.



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