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Needles In My Skin by Cord of 3
Needles In My Skin (2012)
Label: Shattered Silence

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Letter Of My Life by Cord of 3

Working 9 to 5,
You're dressed up in your suit and tie,
Waiting for the day to pass you by.
Staring deep into the screen,
You know that you're in misery.
You think you've got no life,
You feel that you're just out of sight.
You think there's nothing wrong,
As you scream out into the crowd.

Can you hear me, as I am screaming?
I am broken.
This is the letter of my life.

I have pushed aside, all the anger I have cried.
And I have always tried to be
The one who satisfies
And now that I have cried
You will be there to dry my eyes.
I ask you please don't ever pass me by.

Staring deep into the mirror
Hoping things will get much clearer
Putting black onto your lips and eyes
You wear the mask you like to hide behind
Try to make yourself into somebody else
Just to deal with all the pain inside
But instead they all look down upon you
You stand up high as you tell them why
as you start to scream in pain

This is the letter of my life



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