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Meet The Frantics by The Frantics
Meet The Frantics (2000)
Label: Organic

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Let It Go by The Frantics

I, I wanna know
Exactly how it feels
To just let go
But I, I'm holding fear
And all the baggage of myself
Appears to be in the way

Let it go
Let it go, will I make it through
Can I put up a fight
Lost somewhere between
The black and white

You, You've made a way
To overcome the weight
Of my decay
And thinkin' about
The days gone by
I've been all alone
And I don't know why
It's taken me all the long
To feel so high-

Let it go
Let it go, gonna make it through
I know You're with me tonight
No longer caught between
The black and white

And it's never been more clear
You're not far away, You're near
And I know that I can make it through-

I know You're with me tonight
Nobody lives their days
Without a fight
And I cannot face it alone
Struggle comes but
One day I'll be home



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