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Victorious by Skillet
Victorious (2019)
Label: Atlantic

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Legendary by Skillet

My heart bleeds
The fire I breathe
Is where I live
Say my name
Say my name
An animal
One life to live
I never give up I never give in

Some people wanna turn and run
But the strong rise under the gun

Top to the top
Ain't never gonna stop
To the top
To the top
Ain't never gonna stop

Never gonna keep me down (never keep me)
Still the one that's standing now (never falling)
Destiny is calling me
Go down in history
Every day I'll fight to be

Fly high
Or will I fall
Legends made
When faith is strong
Say my name
No time to bleed
Say my name
I'm conquering
While I'm alive
I'll push through the pain
I'll run for the prize

Wings are made to fly (made to fly)
Fears are born to die (born to die)
Pushing through the pain (through the pain)
Pushing through
Breaking through
Whatever it takes
What I gotta do
Giving my all giving all that I got
Never will stop 'til I get to the top



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