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Pain by The Letter Black
Pain (2017)
Label: EMP Label Group

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Last Day That I Cared by The Letter Black

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Take your broken promises Take your fractured lies
Put them in the same place your courage went to die Weakened by your tongue I've never felt so strong
You never stood for anything now you stand alone

Today's the first day I ever dared
To stop changing who I am
For someone never there
You made your choices
So tell me what's fair
Tomorrow you'll be well aware Yesterday's the last day that I cared.

Give me back the days I wasted Give me back my time
No longer will your ego
Keep me so confined
It's only wishful thinking
Once the waters start to swell Every time the ship was sinking You only tried to save yourself
End chorus
Some things just can't be repaired Yesterday's the last day that I cared.



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