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Collective by Stavesacre
Collective (2001)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Keep Waiting (Acoustic) by Stavesacre

I was far away from here
it felt like a million miles
under unfamiliar skies
in more than one way far from dreams I'd dreamed
I'd seen the blinding light
there was hope but was there time
slow trigger starting line
and each day of waiting seemed eternity

You never left my side
You never left my mind

so they will open up their mouths
but really who are they
and soon enough they'll fade away
only blind and soon they'll have to see
fear like a cancer spreads
how many more will drop their eyes
lift their hands and wait to die
and how much time to spend to see who stands
I think I know the way
I got a promise on the mind
and I'll be looking for what's mine
and sovereign stillness whispers trust in me

just a little while
they'll wish that they were silent

keep waiting, I'll be right on time

and when they try to take your eyes
off of me, remember
and when they try to take your eyes
off of me, remember me



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