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Songs For A Purpose Driven Life by Kevin Max
Songs For A Purpose Driven Life (2002)
Label: Maranatha

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Just An Illusion by Kevin Max

From the beginning
We were made to be like the Son
With no thought of sinning
In the Father's eyes we are one
Greatest deception
Was convincing we should break
The rules of relation
Heaven's creation
All alone, led astray by the snake

Just an illusion
To pull you outta
Your place of grace
Where's the confusion
You can't lose, if you choose
To obey...

Trails and troubles
The hidden blessings that shape our lives
Building our character
In the holy image of Christ
Loving the good life
Won't produce your heaven on earth
The fatal seduction
The assumption
You can live without God in your life

And go higher, higher, higher, higher
Let the Spirit take you higher, higher, higher, higher



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