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Arms Around The World by Code of Ethics
Arms Around The World (1995)
Label: Forefront

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Just A Man by Code of Ethics

Under the spotlight
Sometimes I feel like
They put me on a pedestal
Then watch for me to fall
Twist my words 'round
Think I should walk on water
Their standards lead heroes
Like a lamb to the slaughter

I am just a man
The best that I can be
I'm just a human being
Not an angel who can hide his wings
I'm one more witness
Sharing with this world
I'm just a man
I'm not a god
I'm just a man
I'm not a god

If I stumble
Will you cast the first stone
And if you do
Are you closer to the Lord
Or would you be there
Stand by me as a cover
Hold me up
Be my shelter from the storm


I'm flesh and blood nothing more or less
I'm just a man trying to do my best
To mark each day living to exist
For the Glory of the Highest One

(Chorus 3X)



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