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Shine - The Hits by Newsboys
Shine - The Hits (2000)
Label: Sparrow

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Joy by Newsboys

If life is water, I was dry as the Tuscon dirt
If it's a gamble, I'd already lost lost my shirt
If it's a journey, I was dazed without a clue
I flipped a "U" back to the first love I ever knew

You give me joy that's unspeakable
And I like it
Your love for me is irresistible
I can't fight it
You carried the cross and took my shame
I believe it
You shine Your light of amazing grace
I recieve it

If life's a battle, the invasion is complete
If it's a rhythm, I have found the perfect beat
If it's a renaissance, I've got a new birhday
The world don't give it
And the world can't take it away

Bowed and broken, everything's new
All that I need, You're like water to seed
And how Your love, rights everything wrong
In my weakness
You're even stronger, You're pulling me back
Where I belong



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