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Crashings by Falling Up
Crashings (2003)
Label: BEC

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Jackson Five by Falling Up

Coming at you like the Jackson 5
live in effect, respect due.
You knew we drew the lines to make it through.
Completely submerged on the verge, I'm thinkin'
I want to urge and encourage you to know
We bringin second level on the Devil minded ego.
and going strong it's the God anointed cinco.
Even though up here and appear to please,
stay on my knees with the greatest of these,
Love made of pure intention, let me mention
It's like if it wasn't for Christ then I'd drop this mic
and walk away stray minded and annoyed.
Pray every night that it fulfill my void,
so what you want to do?

Watch this escalate to more than you hoped for,
can you feel the same?

We know the words you say,
They reinvent the lies, but we're the same in time,
this time, He will wash away the tears you cry

One mic, one night, one chance to get it right.
Open up the show, stepping into the spotlight.
Well, who am I now? Watch me control the crowd
People wondering how, they see the freestyle.
We'll set up the set, we'll show up the show.
We're out to bow and it's time to go.
Fill up the tank and let's hit the road,
working uphill until we explode.
So give me the mic and let me rock, I will rock it.
The Spirit inside like Mr. T-N-T, there ain't no stoppin it.
So let's take it to the world that's full of stars
and introduce them to the One who made them who they are.
Cause I represent the heaven sent
Oh so lovely only when G-O-D be the one inside of me rockin it.
not in the flesh, come listen to sound coming out the northwest now.

Our hearts in places mending, you
know this moves through your endings.

We hold strong through suffering eyes
you'll see the fear within us die.
We belong here side by side,
I'll be the one to lift You high.
They cast me out, I can't go on without
Feeling in doubt, we need the peace
That only You can give us.

J-5 what you want? collaborate for real.
We lockin down from the compound on
Capitol Hill, fittin the bill.
Tell me what you'd do if I said: I still believe
Christ is God
and rose from the dead, fillin your head
dance with the songs I found with this sound,
put it down west coast underground.
So really, where would we be if not free?
I know we rise again through Romans 3: 23
Falling up to race in places you all fall.
And all I did would be the same like Paul Wright
Back to You into peace and hope,
and You are standing there, arms wide open.



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