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Freedom by WhiteHeart
Freedom (1989)
Label: Sparrow

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Invitation by WhiteHeart

I told you once
I told you twice
But I sense your hesitance at taking my advice
I see you wanting to get involved
You are invited but you must return the call

It's a big decision
And I know the feeling
'Cause I been there before
It takes believing
And a heart that's willing

You got an invitation
He sent me here to let you know
Paradise is waiting
He's made your reservation
Now tell me don't you want to go
To paradise?

It's not going to be
A stock event
You see the invitations have all been heaven sent
(It's) come one, come all but unlike most
You can't crash this party 'cause you've got to know the host

The only way that you can
Be sure that you're in
When it's time to go
It takes believing
And a heart that's willing

(Repeat chorus)

It's a big decision
Go on and follow that feeling
'Cause it's almost time to go
It takes believing
So if your heart is willing


(Repeat chorus)



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