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We're All Going Somewhere by Abandon Kansas
We're All Going Somewhere (2009)
Label: Gotee

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I Wonder If It's Me by Abandon Kansas

If I squint my eyes this city looks just like the place I'm from
From here I squash the buildings between my finger and my thumb
And every town we leave, people ask to come along
Don't get me wrong, but leaving here won't change a thing

The small town kids miss the city
The city kids miss the trees.
How did we get this backwards?
We're gonna need more than a change of scenery

I drift from town to town (I wonder if its me)
The same teething troubles follow me (I wonder if its me)
People let you down, it's just a matter of time
But I know why, I think I might know why

We've been on this road for months, like we're always on the run
It's hard to ignore the skylines that are stamped into the sun
Every town we visit all the faces look the same
From Portland to Pensacola the only difference is their names



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