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Snappy by Hokus Pick
Snappy (1998)
Label: Freedom

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I'm So Happy by Hokus Pick

I just woke up. Coffee in my cup.
Such a warm and sunny day, find out what the papers say.
Message from the President, no more tax for residents.
Go U. S.A.

I'm so happy, feelin' snappy.
My life is rosy, I'm feelin' comfy cozy.

Free limo ride, free food inside.
Getting paid triple time, gotta go to Anaheim.
Grabbed my briefcase, left the house, got a meeting with a mouse.
Flying in first class.


Keeps getting better, good times forever.
And this one great day.

Playing guitar for a band, just got back from Disneyland.
Driving a new 4X4, Ed McMahon is at my door.
Stocks I bought just went up, Canucks won the Stanley Cup.
Bill Gates put me in his will, someone paid my visa bill.


I'm so happy, feelin' snappy.
Will there be sorrow, when I wake up tomorrow.



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