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Cool Water by Liaison
Cool Water (1996)
Label: Inundated Records

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I'm Really Glad I'm Here by Liaison

Have you ever wanted to fly
And leave behind the sad things
That make everybody want to cry?
Have you ever had a dream
Of a place and a time where
All is good and no evil could come or be?
Yeah, that's me
It could be you, too

Yeah, I've been there
Last time we were together
And I'm on my way again

I'm like a child when You're near
And I'm really glad I'm here
Life is good 'cause there's You
And I'm really glad I'm here

Let's move on through the hard times
And pray that they won't last
As we throw them to the past
And change the mood with some attitude
So let's take it slow
And we'll jump and shout and laugh so hard
That we can't breathe and the tears begin to flow
Come on, let's go

Yeah, I've been there
Last time we were together
Let's do that thing again



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