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Neon Fixation by Rick Altizer
Neon Fixation (1999)
Label: KMG

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I'll Say Yes (She Said Yes) by Rick Altizer

On an ordinary day
She met evil face to face
She chose to honor God
And paid the highest price
If I'm asked to make a choice today
I pray I'll stand for Christ and I'll say
Yes, I'll say yes
I believe in Him
I believe I'll live again
Yes, I'll say yes
I will not deny
My savior Jesus Christ
For the One who gave His life
I'll say yes (she said yes)
In the classrooms and the halls
In the crowded shopping malls
I will wear the love of Jesus
And serve Him with my life
In every moment, every day
I pray I'll stand for Christ and I'll say
Repeat Chorus



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