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Arms Around The World by Code of Ethics
Arms Around The World (1995)
Label: Forefront

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Hurricane by Code of Ethics

You always thought you were invincible
You always said your money would control
Don't underestimate intense deception
Or confuse the truth with what you know
There's a vacuum in your heart
It's trying to tear your world apart
Raw emotion pumps your mind
Your fury's blind

You're a hurricane with a gun
A raging storm that kills someone
You're a hurricane with a gun
Shots rang out
You took a life
Now it's done

Judge and jury somber for conviction
Your fate is sealed - gavel falls
Too late now you cry mercy and forgiveness
Your victim's silent - justice calls
A cloud of hate in your eyes
Each day it grew deep inside
Raining fear it comes to life
Attacking wild



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