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Flap Your Wings by The Choir
Flap Your Wings (2000)
Label: Galaxy 21

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Hey Gene by The Choir

I suppose you’re doin’ all right now
Making beautiful music on a white cloud
The Father, Son and a holy host of angels
Surely sent up three cheers
Even as your mortal friends
Shed a few tears
We miss you down here

Hey Gene, we remember you
Yeah we laugh when we think of Eugene
Hey Gene, we remember you
Yeah we cry when we think of you Gene
Hey Gene, we remember you
Yeah we love you
Anyway, hey Gene

I suppose you’ve found some peculiar
Creatures to get to know
You always were a curious kind soul
Sad you had to go so soon

Hey Gene
Flap your wings

I feel the dust and gravel under my feet
I suppose you’re walkin’ down golden streets
Everybody always forgave you
A child of mystery
And I remember you were merciful to me

Hey Gene
Give Jesus a kiss for us

Hey Gene
Flap your wings, flap your wings

I suppose you’re playin’ a harp now



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