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Hero - The Rock Opera by Mark Stuart
Hero - The Rock Opera (2003)
Label: Meaux

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Hero by Mark Stuart

From the street I heard you calling
A rebel's voice - it got to me
I could feel a strong wind blowing
Change was coming

I saw the people drawin into you
I saw the light coming down in streams
Words of fire in the heart of darkness
A stranger full of dreams

Chorus 1:
Jesus, our Hero
Give us answers - You're our leader
You go, we'll follow
You've got vision - You're our destiny

Don't you know it's a dangerous mission
Some can hurt you for the words you say
Love's a beacon, but it ain't no weapon
When trouble's coming

You make em think when they don't want to
Kings and queens and the powers that be
I got your back when people rip You
Cause You got what they need.

Petrov & Jude:
[repeat chorus 1]
Chorus 2:
Jesus, our Hero
Man of promise - We've been waiting
Teach us what You know
How to do it - You're our destiny

You're a rebel without a country
You're a man of mystery
Such a crazy thing You're preaching
That love can set us free
Set us free

[repeat chorus 1]
[repeat chorus 2]



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