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Ten (The Birthday Album) by Bleach
Ten (The Birthday Album) (1998)
Label: Forefront

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Heavenbound by Bleach

Cold rappin' for the King
With a sting in my voice
Not condemning men or women
Just relaying a choice
Higher ground is the sound that I'm talking of
Opportunity knocks through a different love
Not love like we know it
Like you love your girl
It's a love from above
Not of this world

Kind of profound
A trump will sound
And all of God's people will be heavenbound
All God's people will be heavenbound

Heavenbound - don't you know I'm heavenbound
Heavenbound - reaching for that higher ground
Heavenbound - don't you know I'm heavenbound
Heavenbound - can't you see I'm heavenbound

Jump on the job and live for Him
Do you lie satisfied in a state of sin
Listen while I christen to a serious sound
Rap cold revvin' cause I'm heavenbound

There's more to me than what you see
It's what's inside that sets me free
In the end I will be found
In the end I'm heavenbound



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