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Urgency by Liaison
Urgency (1991)
Label: Frontline

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He Smiled by Liaison

Down by the docks live a humble man
He sings while he works and he plays when he can
There's a light in his eye
That burns from his soul

A girl used to love him a long time ago
But then she fell out and stayed on her own
He never could blame her for being so cold
She was a little too young and he was a little too old

but HE SMILED and his smile said a lot
About the joy that he had and the faith that he got
but HE SMILED and his pain went away
Cause love could come back any day

He was called to a mission in seventy-nine
But his light burned so low that he barely survived
His plan was fulfilled and his dream was redeemed
But sometimes the cost was more than extreme


He remembers the mourning
When love drove his knees to the ground
The rain fell from his fiery eyes
But his faith could not be bound


Smile 'cause a smile says a lot
about the joy that we have
Smile and the pain runs away
Smile.... Love will come back

Proverbs 15:13,30, 17:22
Isaiah 40:29-30
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18



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