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The Pieces Fit by Considering Lily
The Pieces Fit (1998)
Label: Forefront

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Great Expectations by Considering Lily

I close my eyes, but I can see
Questions circling
How do I realize
The dreams You've sparked in me
Will I leave impressions deep
Lord, You answer clearly

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
And no one can conceive

Great expectations
There's so much waiting for me
As You reveal my destiny
I may not know every road
But I know positively
Great expectations
Are what You have for me

I breathe Your hope
Assurance comes
My doubts begin to fade
What I'll become
What I'll achieve
Lies in the promises You've made
So write on me Your storyline
I am waiting

You have designed
A purpose within me
Perfect in plan
Make it a reality



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