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Shine - The Hits by Newsboys
Shine - The Hits (2000)
Label: Sparrow

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God Is Not A Secret (2000) by Newsboys

You don't understand
this is not what you think it is
You don't get it, man
you want to boil it down to show biz
Your in-depth research shows:
drop the God, emphasize the beat
I've heard that positive pop you dig-
I'd rather be buried in wet concrete

Take back your free advice
I don't accept
I will not play those games
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

You don't understand
I'm not talking multiple choice
You don't get it, man
if the cross offends you, find another voice
I am not running for office here
I won't keep it purposefully vague
I've heard New Age Life-force trip
I'd rather be dipped in bubonic plague


If we keep silent
If we mass defect
These very rocks will scream
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

And would I wash my hands again?
Would I deny my savior when
he hung inside the public square?
Did not my silence put him there?



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