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When The Godhead  Speaks by Corbans
When The Godhead Speaks (1999)
Label: Micah

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Give Yourself Away by Corbans

You were 25 and careless
You were talking with a scoffer's tongue
Yes, your two-edged sword
Was a throe to everyone
You were following your own desires
You were walking with a mulish gait
And your eyes were blind
To the sorrow on your face
I was making conversation
When I heard it from your mouth
And your words just came
Not knowing what you were talking about
I couldn't help but wander in
You were talking about the kingdom come
You were mesmerizing blind men
You were adding lies
But subtracting from the sum

And your life remains the same
And your life remains the same
And your life remains the same
Until you give it away
Until you give your life away

So I asked a pertinent question
And I could tell from your haggard gaze
You started looking pale
And your conduct seemed to change
You were blaspheming my Savior
So I had to set the record straight
I wasn't going to leave
Until you heard my faith
You weren't open to discussion
You were stubborn and you shouted out
"If there's a God
Then why can't we just leave him out?"
That was your point of view
I was trying just to get it through
That the only way for freedom
Was the Son of Man to reveal Himself to you

So I told you what you needed
You couldn't look me in the eye
Was your pride too deep
Or was that hole in your heart too wide
So you just walked away
You were scared to take that leap of faith
So I'll pray the Spirit leads you
And possibly we'll meet again someday



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