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Payable On Death Live by POD
Payable On Death Live (1997)
Label: Rescue

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Full Color (Live) by POD

I cry why O' why did my mommy have to die? Too many questions, no answers confuses my mind Like what did I do, what did she do, who's to blame No one understands what I'm going through So how can I trust what I can't touch and can't see Believe in love and she's in front of me Silence in your eyes, my heart so cold No time for goodbyes, then you leave me alone
So what do I do accept it and carry on? Or release my anger, until it's gone Show you and this world exactly how I feel death in full color It's never been so real, It's been me and you, It's always been me and you No matter what we faced, we always made it through Get out of this dream, do what I gotta do No one can take your place and I don't want them to If I could take your place, I would, I would take your pain Just to see you smile and say my name, Just to hear you laugh and hear you cry I don't understand, I don't know why
I've never been it this state of mind, life just don't make sense With you I could move mountains, right now I'm helpless I guess, you always knew what was best Believed in your God, til the very last breath You showed me how strong you can be If Jesus saved your life, could he do it for me? I'll lay down my life for you and for Him Believe God's promise, I'm gonna see you again
Lord here I am, but I am no one, Believe in Your name Believe in your Son, if you meet me here I will wait on you Sacrifice and serve, do what you want me to I'll take it day by day, and sit at your feet You are strong when I am weak I seek to keep from going under Until I hold you again, I'll always wonder
Why did my mommy have to Die? (repeats)



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