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incommunicado by Filet of Soul
incommunicado (1998)
Label: Shank

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Filet of Soul by Filet of Soul

Hey, you say you want to know the place
Where hopes and dreams reside
Deep inside
Where I go
When I need to find a place to run and hide
Together with myself
Where I'm who I am
Not just an illusion of someone else
Someone else
Not someone else

Filet of soul
Filet of soul

Hey, come out and play
And bring your toys
The ones we used as little girls and boys
When days were long
And we were young
We spent our time talking about what we'd become
What we'd become
What we'd become
What have we become

Filet of soul
Filet of soul

I lay my soul on the table bare
It's not covered up
It's open there
And you cut it wide
Reveal my ugly side
Filet my soul
Nothing to hide

Filet of soul
Filet of soul



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