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Out of the Dust by Human
Out of the Dust (1998)
Label: Organic

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Fat Man's Delicacy by Human

I know you know what pleases me
So hard to run from you
You know I want to fill my plate
You dangle all that bait

"Hey, man, can't you see
It's laid out in front of me
All that wine, all the bread
Don't let it fill your head"

To my demise it goes
If it fits then wear it
I looked and looked for self-control
Lord help me, I can't see

"Hey, man, what you know
You got an empty soul
Have your cake, eat it too
I know what's good for you
Don't you see, I'll help you be
A fat man's delicacy"

If I believe the things you show
Might as well cut my own throat
If it was in some other time
I know I'd draw the line

"Hey, man, can't you see
It's laid out in front of me
Raise your glass, make a toast
I'll be your perfect host
Why not grab a fork
And dig into the pork
Hey, man, can't you see
It's a fat man's delicacy"

Fat man, fat man's
Fat man, fat man's delicacy



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