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Against All Odds by Rekoncyle
Against All Odds (2014)
Label: Independent

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Falling Apart by Rekoncyle

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Verse 1
The pain and darkness within my faith is failing again
I'm always crossing the line keeping the light from coming in
My thoughtlessness is killing me from deep inside its cutting clean
I want to escape it but it keeps taking over...........

Me, my worst enemy, I'm out to destroy whats left complete
But what I need is You
To come and take over me drag me from this agony
cuz without You i'm falling apart

Verse 2
But then I try to do it on my own without you again
its like a power on me so live it makes me wanna scream
I need to fight this heavy force before I lose this raging war
Its something pulling dragging yelling screaming to take over....



You came and restored what I had ignored
Now I'm not ashamed of what you've done in me.



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