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Seismic by Dogwood
Seismic (2003)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Faith by Dogwood

I have a faith no one believs
I love a God no one can see.
You put your trust into thin air.
That's what they all told me.

But I believed because of fear,
And I can see You crystal clear.
I know that you will meet me here.

I walk the narrow path.
Perplexed and befuddled.
I'm persecuted, plauged, and am troubled.

My past, my history.
My future's a mystery.
There's only one certain thing, thats for sure.

Thats my God who is so real.
He makes my life easier to deal.
With the aid of His goodness,
I experience true bliss.
Do you understand your life is in His hands?

Confusion is my hat;
Centrifuge of hurt is where I'm at.
I request some help with that.



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