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Payable On Death by POD
Payable On Death (2003)
Label: Atlantic

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Execute The Sounds by POD

I'm on a mad stylee, underground
We come cool and deadly with that natural sound
It makes you feel so free, you don't turn it down
Vibes 6-19, from the Southtown
And Jah know, what I and I wanna do
Because Jah know, I am man stay true
You know Jah know, the real who is who
Ain't no time to fake it, make ya feel brand new

It goes 1, 2, 3, the crew is called P.O.D.
And if you want to go to the tiptop
Break it down with that one drop

Execute the sounds
Positive come around
Impact the sounds
Positive all around

Now why mess with me, try to take this crown
Babylon test me, we go smash 'em down
Original O.G., this is my playground
Don't take me seriously, you gonna feel it now
I man, know the harder they come
Because I man, am gonna get the job done
You know I man, know they don't want none
Me never have to cheat, 'cause me already won

1904, home to the real hardcore
And you don't wanna sleep, don't talk
I'll break you down with that one drop

[Chorus x2]



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