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Welcome To Wonderland by Big Fat Jam
Welcome To Wonderland (2002)
Label: Absolute

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Everything by Big Fat Jam

You were there when I was never looking at You
You were there when I fell from grace
You were there when the prodigal son came around
You were there with a smile on your face

You were there when I denied You
You had every reason to turn me away
then in my life of darkness I knew the sun would shine
I've been set free, now I'm here to stay

You were there when I opened up the door
You stood outside and waited patiently for me
You were there like a 1000 times before
You never pushed you only wait for me to see

You were there when I denied You
I never knew You could love such a fool
You were there when I lied to You
You were there for me

Now I'm giving you Everything



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