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Loud and Clear by Supertones
Loud and Clear (2000)
Label: BEC

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Escape From Reason by Supertones

Down Down Down
That's the way we're traveling
Our social fabric unravels
But who pulled the string
Philosophers politicians or the school teachers
Game of life and death and we're sitting on the bleachers
What happened to our voice
What happened to our influence
Tell me who will listen to uneducated congregants
And why should they when all we have to say is
Bumper sticker doctrines and cute catch phrases
Does this amaze us that no one will take us seriously
We talk big but then we sit in atrophy
Apathy they make comedy of our hypocrisy
Unaware of true biblical philosophy
So we gotta work on what we do and what they see
Cause we represent CHRIST plus Christianity

The underground sound here to take your mind higher
I pound the ground Burn it down like fire
We walk the long path, Still on the first half
You escape reason, we escape wrath.

God is not concerned with Gallup Poll opinion
Or if the whole human race were to disagree with Him
Truth is what I spit
But you ain't hearing it
Or you ain't having it
But it don't matter which
'Cause God is still himself
and He could strike us dead
Even in the pink of health
You don't think I should say that
You say you don't believe that
Our opinion counts as zero,
And that is simply that, c'mon, yeah
Like I'm Mojo that's how it goes that's just the
way of things,
God is not impressed disagreeing won't change anything,
We all must beg for mercy and surely God'll show it
There's a reason for our hope you ask me how I know it
God said it and that without a doubt
"He who comes to me I will in no way cast out"
A city under siege who will you believe
champions of truth or of apostasy
you wanna take on me
you take on ELOHIM
He controls all that was, is, and what will be



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