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The Inbetween Time by Common Children
The Inbetween Time (2001)
Label: Galaxy 21

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Entertaining Angels by Common Children

It's getting late in the evening(and I really doin't mid at all)
Now I'm grateful one more time.
Wish I could freeze this feeling(before the stars burn out and fall)
Photograph this state of mind.

Sometimes I know, we're entertaining angels
In all the letting go, we're entertaining angels.

The world is almost turned out(and I really don't mind at all)
The first glimpse of morning light.
Raise my hands to the sky now(watch the stars burn out and fall)
Throw the past out with the night.

Chorus X2

Sometimes I know,(the stars will come out this evening)
we're entertaining angels(Let go of the fear inside)
In all the letting go(This love is the only reason),
we're entertaining angels.(Raise your hands to the sky)



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