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To the Roof of the Sky by Vigilantes of Love
To the Roof of the Sky (1998)
Label: Independent

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Doin' Time by Vigilantes of Love

comes a time it's all been stripped away
comes a time when it's time to take a good long look and walk away
comes a time to lose yourself in song
when survival's the game you play but you're barely just holding on

maybe it's yours
maybe it's mine
same flesh and blood
same crooked line
backside of the backbeat
yeah doin' time

if my walls are crumbling can i set a spell
if you fashion up the foundation it's all just shot to hell
and my blueprints are really so suspect
with my phone line good and twisted ragged measurements

comes a time to let the whole thing go
comes a time when you realize we've all been bought and sold
yeah beat up cut down turned out of your game
hey money moves the lips where once the spirit was untamed



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