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Powerhouse by WhiteHeart
Powerhouse (1990)
Label: Star Song

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Desert Rose by WhiteHeart

lost in a windswept land
in a world of shifting sand
a fragile flower stands apart
and there in that barren ground
you feel like the only one
trying to serve Him with all your heart
and you wonder, wonder
can you last much longer
this cloud you are under
will it cover you


desert rose, desert rose
don't you worry, don't be lonely
heaven knows, heaven knows
in a dry and weary land
a flower grows
His desert rose
desert rose

sometimes holiness
can seem like emptiness
when you feel the whole world's
laughing eyes
but if it's a lonely day
know you're on the Father's way
He will hear you when you cry
and He will hold you, hold you
your Father will hold you
He will love you, love you
for the things you do

repeat chorus



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