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What Are You Waiting For by FM Static
What Are You Waiting For (2004)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Definitely Maybe by FM Static

I met a girl named Tara
She lived in the heart of america
She liked black caddies
Listened to puff daddy
Danced until her legs were sore

She worked around the corner
At the diner with the grouchy owner
And her boyfriends shady, dates another girl named katie
he loves her definately maybe

dont think i can take it
wake me when its over
so far away
i wish that it was closer
i see you every day
im too scared to go over
i wonder what she'd say
i barely even know her

and how much longer
will this keep getting stronger
i wonder what shes doing when im singing myself to sleep
cause hes a faker
so see ya later
i wonder when you realize that she means a lot more to me

i saw you in the hallway when my last class was just over
it was friday, school was out tonight
everything seems to be allright
i said yo are you going to the party at the cove
hes picking me up six again and i dont wanna disappoint my boyfriend

and shes staring at his picture hanging in her locker
shes telling all the girls about all the things that he bought her
i saw what really happened all those times he went for water
when we were at the movie theatre watching harry potter
he had his hands on
every single girl he laid his eyes on
hate to break it to you, hes a pylon
and even when he kissed her
he was looking over, staring at her sister



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