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Temptation Come My Way by The Showdown
Temptation Come My Way (2007)
Label: Mono vs Stereo

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Death Finds Us Breathing by The Showdown

I would sleep without dreams
and know everything
as death finds us breathing
and all but believing
we sleep and we dream
in the arms of the sea
drowning in days

ungreatful, lifeless, the ocean held in sway
torrential, a creature but for faith
as we breath in a lash out, a juggernaut of days
release us unto death, oh release us this age

plunge us into the deep
left anchored with dreams
as death finds us pleading
for all we believed in
we breathe in the sea
and our lungs feel decieved
cause the drowning can't leave


count our lungs decieved(plunge us into the deep)
the drowning cannot leave(and take our breath away)



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