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Commodity by Remedy Drive
Commodity (2014)
Label: Shamrock

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Dear Life by Remedy Drive

has it been so long i used to cling to you
have i lost the song - i used to sing to you
and in all of my distraction
i find no satisfaction

i've got empty spaces here inside of me
these hallow dreams that i've been chasing they're just out of reach
in my longing in my wishing
it was you that i've been missing

but now i know
i'm holding on i'm never gunna let you go
until i leave this world behind
i'm holding on for dear life

my god i see
i'm holding on i know you're gunna set me free
and even till the end of time
i'm holding on for dear life

i tried the broken cisterns but the waters failed
the world and it's dream - this empty system - it's just a great betrayal
i tried so many places
to fill my empty spaces



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