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Dear God by Matt Sassano
Dear God (2022)
Label: Rockfest

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Dear God by Matt Sassano

Verse 1
I've got questions, confessions
I just want peace of mind
Time's fading and I'm waiting
For something I can't find
I am overwhelmed
Can I endure this hell?
No way to break the spell
I'll spill my heart again

Dear God
I've lost the will to fight
Please give me a sign
I'm empty inside
Got no strength to carry on
The plague has multiplied
It's eating me alive
How can I survive?
Dear God

Verse 2
Contemplation, Aggravation
Thoughts that I can't erase
It's a cycle and it's spiteful
My failures laughing in my face
Looking to the sky
And I gotta wonder why
You seem to be just standing by
I'm starving for some truth

Can you hear me now?
The silence drowns me out
I am losing faith
With just one thing left to say



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