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What Are You Waiting For by FM Static
What Are You Waiting For (2003)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Crazy Mary by FM Static

Crazy Mary's a slogan, who looks up to no one, would do anything for a cold one, and wished she could find her way home. She's got the look on her face, and her stares like a ray gun, as we walk by everryday, and I wish there's somethin' I could do for her.

Maybe if, I took a little time to talk, then she'd heal a little if she wants to, she can run but lets teach herr how to walk away now. I'll shake a little if she wants to, she'll laugh a little if she needs to. There's a key to tghe door that she's hiding behind.

She watches the world pass her by like freight train, and they all call her the same names, laughing as they point and stare at her. So she cries, out to God up in Heaven, been prayin' since she was eleven, for Him to send someone to meet her there.

And who knows of her thoughts, and her dreams, and ideas she got, and contains inside, she's so broken apart, and her heart is still looking for some way to feel alright.



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