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JiB by Jason Ingram Band
JiB (1998)
Label: Audience

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Closer Than A Whisper by Jason Ingram Band

Have you ever wondered is there more to this in life
Have you ever questioned the end of time
My heart is aching at thoughts of your emptiness
Good is not good enough, lend me your ear

Let me tell you friend
See it's not good to be alone in this world
Not talking about friendships
I'm talking about Jesus Christ
And what He's done for you
He paid the price of His life
And now He's waiting
Closer than a whisper away

Have you ever questioned what will happen to your soul
When you breathe your last breath
Make the dirt your new home
Ever feel like meaning in life just can't be found
Philosophy is not enough, lend me your ear

You sell your soul for a moment of pleasure
And I know you'll regret the choice you made
When scales fall from your blinded eyes and you see
I'm on my knees weeping for you
And begging won't you listen to me please
'Cause I know you'll regret the choice you made



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