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Reality Check by Reality Check
Reality Check (1997)
Label: Star Song

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Carousel by Reality Check

In this world of make believe
My eyes see what I want to see
I'm blinded with the simple lies
So easily I justify
The sin that comes so naturally
Is this all that I'll ever be
Bring this madness to an end
Don't let this cycle start again

It's got me spinning `round
And I can hardly tell
Which way is up or down
On my sin carousel
It's got me out of control
And I want to jump off
Somebody stop this ride
I think I've had enough

Spinning `round up and down
But I know it's alright
Move ahead falling back
Try to leave it behind
Seems I've been here before
So familiar I can tell
Need your help to get off
Of my sin carousel

It's suffice to say I move
Because of your great fortitude
So unstable are my feet
They love to make a fool of me
Afraid to fall I feel corrupt
And as I drop you pick me up
Take me where I've never been
Don't let this cycle start again



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