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The Best Worst-Case Scenario by Fair
The Best Worst-Case Scenario (2006)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Carelessness by Fair

Carelessness something Ive read about
in a magazine in a Journal of
Medicine for fever and rapid heart
for the younger set giving life a start

All the pain in dissent
all the freedom to climb
A thousand wishes Ive missed
for hanging onto this

When a moment brings hope for everything
every time I walk away from this
Will the one who came to throw it all away
ever get to see the end of this?

Carelessness is something I recognize
when youre fast asleep and I'm in the right
Taking in everything you ignore
my abrasiveness and your angelcore

More minutes of life put away set aside
ever following things that I wont find

Wont you climb high
and shower some correction on me Dont dare disguise
your colorful predictions are clear



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