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Freedom by WhiteHeart
Freedom (1989)
Label: Sparrow

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Bye Bye Babylon by WhiteHeart

Walking back through history
To the mighty city
I put my feet on the streets of Babylon
The gold and glitter
Towering wonder
It's all within the walls of Babylon
Strength and security
Comfort and safety
What could be better than living in Babylon
But their strength was just an illusion
Now this city lies in broken ruins

Bye, bye, bye Babylon
This monument to pride is gone
Bye, bye, bye Babylon
God was not your strength and song
Good-bye Babylon

Rocket ride through time and space
It's 2088
They're diggin' around in the dust of what we've done
Now people study me
I'm a part of history
Oh, did we leave them another Babylon
Is there evidence of spiritual revival
Or did we leave a land of broken idols

Bye, bye, bye Babylon
Is our monument the Holy One
Bye, bye, bye Babylon
If God is not our strength and song
It's good-bye Babylon

(Repeat chorus)



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