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Bloodline by Echoes The Fall
Bloodline (2009)
Label: VSR

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Break Away by Echoes The Fall

Making Your Way Through Empty Places
Struck Dead Inside Again
Promised You'd Never Fall For Something
Something That's So Pretend
Now Your Standing On the Edge
The Fire's In Your Hand

I'll Draw The line And Break Away
I'll Draw The line And Break
Break Away

Waiting On Them To Stop Your Bleeding
Screaming On Your Head
Trusting The Ones That gave You Nothing
Look To The One Who Bled
Now You're Standing On The Edge
The Fire's In Your Hand
Choose To Have A Voice And Use It
Giving In Your Hand
And Break Away

Cannot be, This Life Laid For Me?
Am I So Shut Out I Can't See?
Cannot be, This life laid For me?
Here It comes...... BREAK!!!!



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