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Scraping The Culture by Microskapic
Scraping The Culture (1998)
Label: Rugged

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Boss Man by Microskapic

Out the door in the morning
And I slip right into my car
I'm getting ready for a new day
And I know that I'll get real far
The road ahead it's shining
And the heat coming off a the street yeah
I got a new job and it's paying
A whole fifteen dollars a day
The boss is cool with me
So I don't sweat the pay

Out on my time and Im driving
I look ahead and I see a good samaritan
Friend trudging on the street so I let
Him ride with me he said man I'm busted
And this is my street so I smiled
And I gave him that fifteen dollars I made
But I don't care cause I got it made

Out again at the stop shop
Pickin' thru' my pocket lint
Line's getting shorter
Don't member where my money went
I turned and I looked
And the boss was there beside me
He smiled and hit me with
That fifteen dollars I gave.
I just laugh cuz the boss' my man



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