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The Backlash Uprising by CR33
The Backlash Uprising (2002)
Label: Bettie Rocket

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Birth of Defiance by CR33

I feel defenseless as my whole body tenses.
Discontent cause by pretenses.
Fences put up around this endless emptiness and no I can't fight it.
Father, take this disease away from me.
I want to stand up strong, unwavering.
Take me past the point of no return.
Light up my selfish pride and watch it burn.
The stakes are high
and what we are is more than meets the eye and not afraid to die.
We rebel against this evil in our defense.
Our victory's clenched.
I lose my life to find You.
Close my eyes to see.
I will stop at nothing.
You're my everything.
This wickedness has got me on its hit list but I resist.
I come against it with a closed fist.
Swing and miss but they can't dodge my mad wit.
Feel the pain as they get a glimpse of my tactics.
Move on because the sunlight's almost gone.
They think they're creeping in at night but they're dead wrong.
We've got the truth clenched tight
and were running on fast as we can in this life long marathon come on.
We're marching on.



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