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Again, For The First Time by Bleach
Again, For The First Time (2002)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Baseline by Bleach

You got me dreamin' in color
I refuse to think any other way
Gotta get it straight
Before it gets to late

Bring back
Bring back the baseline
I think it's about that time
I can't afford to miss
I was made for this

and I can't wait for a change of pace, hey
If its gotta be, its gotta be sometime
Be sometime tonight
You break in
We break out
Let's break out

I know things have been changing
I guess worry's been invading me
I'm getting tired of being uninspired

So bring back, bring back the good times
I think that would be just fine
It's where I belong
So I'll just sing on

And I can't wait for this thing to break...



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