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Escape The Fall by Relentless Flood
Escape The Fall (2018)
Label: Independent

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Away From Me by Relentless Flood

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(Verse 1)
You keep on telling me lies, that I'm no good inside
That I can never change and I'll always be the same
You push me down to the floor, it's like an endless war
Listen to my words- it's gonna stop today

Don't you know that you can't bring me down?
Don't even try to start again
'Cause I know what happens in the end
The tides are turning now
So just-

Get away from me, 'cause now I see
That you're no good for me
Just stay away from me, hopeless enemy
You're going down today

(Verse 2)
I know I'm weak on my own, but I am not alone
The one who conquered death is living inside me
Did you think I was done, that I was on the run?
I won't give in this time I'm standing my ground


You're going down today!

You think you've got me in your sights
But you're wrong, wrong
You think I'm not gonna fight
But you're wrong, oh so wrong




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