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Listen Closely by Smalltown Poets
Listen Closely (1998)
Label: Forefront

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Anything Genuine by Smalltown Poets

To test this gold for it's worth
Is the same as testing me
And the fire, burns easily today
The net is the good that's left
after the medal is refined
As I melt, look at what I've got
Seperate it all from what I need

I'll take anything, anything genuine
Looking up from where I went
I can take whatever I get
(Falling from Your hands)
(Or falling from Your lips)
(As long as it's from You I know)
(That I can take, I can take it)
I'll take anything, anything genuine
(And I'll rejoice)

More interesting is my faith
Than the fear of what I'll miss
And those things, are temporary anyway
Still on this side getting fit
For a faith, that's been tired
And I smile more believably
While getting just enough to know I need




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